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You can now view the playoff schedule for the month of September. To do so find the tab that says regular season and click on it to find your divisions playoff schedule. 


The first week of September is designated for make up games. Please be aware that your team might or might not be playing in the first week.


The AHL West and ECHL West both have 6 team divisions. If you are in 1st or 2nd place in your division you have a bye week during the first week of playoffs. If your team does not show up in the first week of games in the playoff brackets check your regular season schedule for an extra game added to your schedule to offset so your team does not have to miss a week.

TVAHL Information

Sign ups are now open for our Fall/Winter Season 2017/2018

October 9th
Team Fee: $3000
Sub Fee: $20

Come out and try our fast paced 3 on 3 hockey league. Nonstop action and a great way to stay in shape and still have a beer with friends.

  • ECHL East (Beginner): Sunday and Monday, Division for true beginners looking to play a fun and competitive level of hockey with people of the same experience level.
  • ECHL West (Lower Intermediate): Sundays and Mondays, this division is for newer hockey players or players with minimal experience. Enjoy playing at a pace that suits your experience level.
  • AHL East (Upper Intermidiate): Tuesdays and Wednesdays, this division is perfect for those who have basic hockey experience, but are still working on overall fundamentals..
  • AHL West (Advanced): Wednesdays, this fast paced division for more experienced players that have a good understanding of hockey and previous hockey experience.
  • NHL (Elite): Thursdays our advanced division is for players who have played travel, junior, college or any high level hockey. This division is very fast paced and filled with talented players.

Each team has a minimum of 8 full time players and a max of 12. We allow teams to use part time players or subs to help even out the team when players can not make games. Players are required to play a minimum of 6 games to play in the playoffs. Teams will play once a week and play a minimum of 20 games. Games times are 45 minutes or 3, 15 minute run time periods.

Trivalley Ice provides sanctioned refs and abides by a mix our our 3 on 3 adapted rules and USA hockey guide lines. Any questions on the rules can be address using the link to the rules or by contacting Justin.

Justin Hubert

Adult Hockey Director

Phone: (925)606-6900

Tikhonov Training Camp

By Admin 06/28/2018, 1:45pm PDT

Squirts, Peewees and Bantams come develop your hockey skills with Coach Tiki!

Develop your hockey skills with Coach Tiki!

Tikhonov Training Camp

By Administrator 06/27/2018, 11:30pm PDT

Coach Tiki will help prepare you for the next level of competitive hockey. 

Shooting Clinic

By Administrator 06/24/2018, 12:45pm PDT

Sign up for the two day courses in July.